FuBarbell Weightlifting Socks

$ 15.00

To be platform ready, you need weightlifting socks that work hard and last as long as you do!

These custom weightlifting socks are constructed with six unique materials for ultimate durability and comfort. The socks are reinforced at the toe and heel to banish pesky holes brought on by demanding sports and activities. The cuffs are interwoven with Lycra to keep shape and stay in place. Natural and synthetic fibers allows your feet breathe, stay dry and cool to help you perform your very best.

  • Cuff - SOLE STRETCH CUFF™ Protective and gentle barrier, 5in tall
  • Instep - AIR-SOLE-MESH™ Custom Weightlifting SocksCore-spun COOLMAX® fabric and nylon blend for maximum breathability.
  • Foot - SOLE-SHIELD™ Custom Weightlifting SocksCore-spun COOLMAX® fabric woven to the inside with nylon placed on the outside to protect the skin while wicking away moisture.
  • Toe - SMOOTH-TOE™ Custom Weightlifting SocksRosso Extra Smooth looped toe seam is incredibly durable and comfortable.

NOTE: Socks come as a pair, black in color, with the FuBarbell logo on the bottom of the foot and facing the back, as shown in the photo. Please refer to the Shoe sizing guide and choose according to your size

Sizes US Men Shoe US Women Shoe Euro Shoe
SMALL 4-6.5 5 - 8 35 -38.5
MEDIUM 7 - 9.5 8.5 - 10.5 39 - 43.5
LARGE 10 - 12 11 - 13 44 - 46
X-LARGE 12.5+ 13+ 46.5+